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MDD Siteboss

located in the Rhine-Main Area just outside Frankfurt is specialized in the development of data communication equipment in industry markets. We design together with our partners the following product range:

Siteboss 410 Siteboss 420 Siteboss 450
Siteboss 530 Siteboss 550 Siteboss 571

MDD SiteBoss Series Overview Matrix

!!!New !!! MDD-Expansion-Cards

Products for In and Out-of-Band Networkmanagement:

  • Management with distributed sensors for temperatur, humidity, voltage and contact closure inputs.
  • Products for remote power control, up to 200 A DC (48 V) or 32 A at 230 V AC.
  • Asynchronous Matrix Switches with 8 and 16 Ports
  • Secure Ethernet Terminalserver with 1, 8, 16 and 32 Ports scalable up to 256 ports
  • A/B-Switches for the back-up of servers, lines, modems etc.

Products for Data Transmission and Data Conversion:

  • Modems VDSL- (50 ...200 Mbit/s) and VDSL- Concentrators, (Gigabit-Ethernet as network interface)
  • Modems for leased lines up to 2300 kbit/s (all standard interfaces and Ethernet)
  • RS232, X.21, V.35 RS530 RS449 to G.703 converters for 64 kbit/s and 2,048 Mbit/s
  • 2,048 Mbit/s X.21/V.35/RS530/RS449 to G.703/704 – converters with n x 64 kbit/s
  • Fiber Optical Multiplexer, Fiber Modems (synchronous and asynchronous), Media Converters
  • Inverse Multiplexer for 2 x 64 kbit/s (G.703) and 4 x 2 Mbit/s (G.703)
  • Miniatur Converters, Linedriver, Ethernet Bridges/Router, some with integrated modem

Our Development Department is specialized in Remote Site Management Equipment and Power Switches up to 200 A:

  • DC/DC converters after customer specification for 1 to 500 VA
  • Redundant AC – Power Supplies up to 500 VA
  • Switches for AC and DC using customer specifications up to 100A at 36...72 VDC, up to 32 A at 230 VAC
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