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MDD SiteBoss Series Overview Matrix
G.703/64 kbit/s: G.703 Converters for 64 kbit/s
G.703/E1: Converters and Multiplexers for E1 (2,048 Mbit/s)
ETR01-04: E1-Repeater (2,048 Mbit/s) and Port Replicator
Interface Converters for Standard Interfaces (V.24/RS232; V.35; RS485; RS422; etc)
Fiberoptical Multiplexers for 4/8/12/16 Channels E1, Ethernet, X.21, V.24 etc.
Remote Control Backup Switches (A/B - Switches)
Remote Control Power Switches
Remote Control Port Switches, Terminal Servers, Async Matrix Switches
Remote Site Management with SNMP
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